5 Android Apps to Keep Track of Data Usage

If you use a limited data plan for your Android mobile device and end up using more than the allotted amount of data usage every month, then I bet you would be more than happy to monitor your data usages so that you can try and manage it within the allotted amount every month to keep your bills from skyrocketing.

If your device boasts Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich or above, you’ll be having a data usage tracker inbuilt, where you can monitor usage statistics and set limits for apps. However if you are using an older version of Android, or if you want more options and stats then you can have so by trying any one of these apps listed below.

5 Android Apps to Keep Track of Data Usage-

My Data Manager


My data manager

It gives various information regarding data usage in your Android device. You can clearly differentiate between mobile data, Wi-Fi and Roaming data. You can also set download limits for each day and see download statistics, app wise.

Download My Data Manager
3G Watchdog

3G WatchDog

Must have for anyone with a limited data plan. It lets you set limits and the app will warn you when you are close to your data limits. It warns you through pop ups and notification bar alerts. It also comes with home screen widgets which might come in handy at times.

Download 3G Watchdog

Onavo Count

Onavo Count

Like other apps, Onavo count lets you set data usage caps and warns you when you close in on the limit through popups and notification bar alerts. It also lets you take a look at the apps that are hogging up your data and lets you block data access for individual apps, which is quite useful. It comes with homescreen widgets for easy access and the user interface is slick too.

Download Onavo Count

Net Counter

Net Counter

It is a pretty small app and can monitor data under EDGE/3G and Wi-Fi. It lets you set counters based on day, weeks or months all together to let you understand your usage pattern. The UI is simple and quite easy to use.

Download Net Counter

Data Counter Widget

Data counter

Unlike other apps in the list, it is only a widget and not a full blown app. But still it comes with almost all features as the others. It has data counters based on different categories and display them as nice graphics right on your home screen so you never lose track of it.

Download Data Counter Widget

All these apps serves the same purpose. It might be a little difficult for you to choose one from the list, but do bear in mind the following things to reduce data usage.

  • Stop automatic updates, but don’t forget to update when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Don’t watch/listen to too much of streaming content, like YouTube, Soundcloud etcetra as they can easily take up a huge share of the pie.

We hope this list helped you in cutting down your data usage every month, do let us know if you have any doubts and we will help you with it for sure.