7 Recommended Softwares for Gaming Freaks

With the advancements in the gaming world, the requirements for computer configuration have sky rocketed. The high definition games existing in today’s gaming arena have become quite demanding off late. They demand some explicit configuration from a computer. Some soft wares are a must requirement for the games to be played on the desktop. Hence, it becomes highly important for the gamer to download all those softwares in order to experience an interfere-free interface and a high quality gaming. Of many gaming soft wares available in the market, here is a list of top Recommended Softwares for Gaming Freaks required for a great gaming experience:

7 Recommended Softwares for Gaming Freaks

Direct X:

Direct X

This software plays a pivotal role in improving the gaming experience to a great extent. This has been the oldest gaming software in the market. This has been an inseparable part of a wide range of games. The minimum configuration requirements of majority of games in the market demand this software. These days, most of the games come with Direct X installed in their pack, so the gamer not having the new version of Direct X can easily install it while downloading the game.

Visual C++

Visual C++

This software is usually required for the games that are made with visual C++ program. Most of the games available in the market today are developed using Visual C++, so this software finds an important place in our list as one of the most important software for gaming freaks.

Game Booster:

Game booster

Another innovation of the gaming world, Game Booster is responsible to provide the gamer with an explicit and unmatchable gaming experience by disabling the other applications running simultaneously in the computer. This facilitates the transfer of more space to the game being played and improves the speed of the game.



This soft ware works as screen snapping software. It’s responsible for providing good quality screenshots to the user along with an extraordinary video recording quality. It forms an important place in today’s gaming arena, so it must be tried by every gaming buff because of its video capturing quality and screenshots ability.


Daemon Tools

It works the best in optical media imitation. So, in the case of digitally downloading a game, the gamer can easily use this soft ware to create the setup where you have installed the game after inserting the CD. This works similar to the Virtual Clone Drive but Daemon Tools is more preferred gaming soft ware.



Raptr is an interesting soft ware that acts as a messaging soft ware for gamers. It synchronizes well AIM and MSN, by doing this, it provides with the amazing notifications about your friends’ pick of games and what they are playing.



This soft ware is used mostly to compress the game files and also unzip the packet of game files that have been downloaded. In case of digital downloads, this soft ware comes into play at the count of its big repute.

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