How to Activate Windows 8 – Windows 8 Activator

You’re a Windows 8 fan and looking forward to activate Windows 8 just can’t wait to get your hands on the latest Windows 8, but find it too expensive to shell out cash for?

Don’t worry! We’ve come up with two Windows 8 activation methods to help you activate Windows 8 without having to spend nearly $100 for it.

Windows 8, which was officially launched in 2011 is the successor to the Windows 7 operating system, which was launched back in 2009.

Windows 8 posed a major design overhaul, with the addition and removal of some Windows related features. The main feature that we miss in Windows 8 when compared to its predecessors is definitely the Windows Start button, which was removed from the Windows 8 operating system.

If you’re finding it difficult to activate Windows 8 on your computer, we’re here today with a detailed tutorial on how to activate Windows 8 in your computer easily.

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Windows 8

There are 2 different methods by which you can proceed to activate Windows 8 on your computer, and the two methods are as follows:

The first method is the former method which is effective only if you have the official license key. In case you’re looking forward to activate windows 8 without license key, you shall check the second method as you just require to download an activator.

Activate Windows 8 Using License Key

One of the most preferred means to activate Windows 8 is by using a license key. To finish of this procedure easily, make sure that you buy the original Windows 8 copy so that you get the original and 100% legit license key. Once you acquire the license key for your Windows 8, below is how you can use it to activate Windows 8 on your computer:

activate windows 8 -1st method

  • Open Command Prompt software from your computer. To find command prompt easily on your computer, simply search for “cmd” in your Windows Search Box.
  • Once you find the Command Prompt software, run it.
  • And once the command prompt window appears, type in the command “slui 3” and then hit enter.
  • Once you hit the enter key, you’ll be taken to a new window which is also termed as the Windows Activation Panel.
  • In the window, you have a respective area to enter your Windows 8 product license key.
  • Enter the license key that you got with your official Windows 8 package. Be careful and enter the license key correctly.
  • Then proceed and click on the “Activate” button below.
  • Clicking on the Activate button will begin the validation procedures to activate Windows 8 on your computer.

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Activate Windows 8 Using the Activator Mode

Yet another method to activate Windows 8 on your computer is by using the Activator mode. Below is how you can activate Windows 8 on your computer with the Activator mode:

 activate windows 8 - 2nd method

  • Download the Windows 8 Activator from here.
  • Extract the downloaded activator to your computer’s desktop.
  • Double click and run the activator file from the extracted folder.
  • If you get prompted for any warnings, proceed.
  • Within a few moments, your computer will restart automatically.
  • And after the restart procedures complete, your Windows 8 will be successfully activated.

The above mentioned are some commonly used and easy methods to activate Windows 8 on your computer. I hope this tutorial proves to be helpful, in case of any questions please do mention them as comments below.