Facebook Home – Everything You Need to Know

It was just three days back when Facebook launched its latest hot stuff, the Facebook Home. Facebook Home was announced on April 4. Facebook Home is a brand new app that gives a pleasing view to the Android smartphone owners, transforming their smartphone into a brand new social phone, meant exclusively for Facebook freaks. Facebook Home was announced with its first partner being HTC First, which is set for launch on April 12. All other high end smartphones will too be getting Facebook Home.

Facebook Home

So, what exactly is this Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is a new feature that serves as an additional layer of Facebook world to your Android smartphones. It’ll be cool to see stuff from your Facebook world whenever you see your mobile device, right? Facebook Home is designed just for this purpose. Facebook Home will make your mobile phones people centric, thus making the very existence of Facebook a lot more meaningful. These days people’s lives are centered more around mobile phone apps and the Facebook team wanted to change this and make people’s lives based around their lives and friends.

Features of Facebook Home-

#1. Cover Feed 

Cover Feed

Cover Feed is the hot stuff of this Facebook Home package. Everything that your friends do on Facebook will be shown on your Android home screen and your Android lock screen, thus making your Facebook life much more simple. The idea of opening your Facebook app just to check your friends’ posts is old fashioned now. Facebook wanted to push those posts right to your mobile phones’ screen and here is Facebook Home to do that. Cover Feed will serve that purpose.

#2. Notifications

So, you are using your mobile decide and want to see notifications of your Facebook world? You no longer need to use your official Facebook app to check for notifications. With Facebook Home, all the posts centered around you, will be pushed to your home screen as notifications.

#3. Chat Heads

Chat heads

You’re checking your mail and want to chat with your Facebook friend too simultaneously. The idea of switching to your Facebook Messenger and your mailing app back and forth is time consuming. That is why, Chat Heads was designed. Chat Heads will easily display all those messages sent to you on your home screen even when you are busy with other stuff and you can easily respond to your Facebook messages.

How to Get Facebook Home on Your Android?

As of now, Facebook Home isn’t available for the users. Facebook Home will be set for launch on April 12 and HTC First is the first movie phone ever to receive this. All other high end Android devices too will get Facebook Home on April 12 as a download. The list of high end Android devices to get Facebook Home are Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S4 (in the near future)

To get Facebook Home, you simply have to open your Facebook app or Facebook Messenger app on April 12 and you’ll be shown an Install button that will take you to the Google Play Store for installing. You can choose to install Facebook Home just to try once or you can choose to install permanently.

Is HTC First a Facebook Phone?

HTC First

Simply because Facebook chose to launch Facebook Home with HTC First, it doesn’t mean that HTC First is a Facebook phone. In a report to the media, the Facebook staff mentioned that there is no such thing as Facebook phone.

HTC First

And also, for your information HTC First is the first phone ever to come preloaded with Instagram.

Will Other OSs Get Facebook Home?

As of now, Facebook Home is available only for Android devices. There is no news for other OSs. But considering the fact that Apple won’t let other types of home screen settings, the thought of Facebook Home on iOS devices is really far.

If you own any of those high end Android devices, mentioned above, make sure to download Facebook Home on April 12 and share your thoughts with us.