Falcon Pro – The Best Twitter Client Till Date for Android

If you are crazy user of Twitter, chances are that you’ll be taking every effort to be active on the site. Twitter, as everyone knows, is one of the those top social networking sites and there are numerous apps available for the same for various platforms. TweetDeck, a popular app, earlier, was purchased by Twitter because the former was way too awesome when compared to the latter.

And when it comes to mobile devices and tablets, Twitter has it’s own Twitter app which comes with blue color, for the perfect blending with Android’s green. Twitter app has been installed over 100M devices.
Falcon Pro for Android
While Twitter itself provides the best app for the users, there is no denying that there are numerous other apps for using Twitter. Getting on to the topic, Falcon Pro is one of those top Twitter clients available for Android devices. It’s available for both mobile phones and for the tablets.
The Falcon Pro is a perfect Twitter client that any Android user will love. As for me, I used to use Twitter’s official app earlier. But I have completely moved to Falcon Pro and become a devotee of this app. 🙂

Man Behind Falcon Pro and Pricing

Falcon Pro is an app developed by Joaquim Vergès. He is an Android fanatic and he is the man who also built the Minimal Reader Pro, a light-weight app for reading news at an amazing speed.
Unfortunately, for the Android users, this isn’t a free app. It’s a paid app and is priced at around $2 (105.05 INR) – a really cheap price that is worth for awesome Twitter client for Android!

What Makes Falcon Pro Awesome?

1) Falcon Pro, with it’s white and black theme, makes checking the tweets an awesome experience.
2) This app provides easy navigation options.
3) You can easily swipe to the right to navigate to your Twitter “Mentions”, “Messages” and a lot more.
4) You can swipe to the left to see the list of “Trends”, “Lists” and one of there is something awesome that is missing in the official Twitter app.
5) Falcon Pro lets you to “Star” users and the starred users find a place on the hidden right column. Just go to any Twitter profile, click on the “Star” button at the top right, and then swipe to your left to see the “Starred” users. It’s just an option to easily navigate to your favorite Twitter users. 🙂
6) In addition to all these, the app does everything that the normal, official Twitter app does. You can send tweets, attach images and add your location too.
7) Falcon Pro also has a built-in web browser that loads the contents of the links in the tweets. You can always disable this web browser if you want to.

Is Falcon Pro Popular?

Well, let me tell you a short story and you, yourself, will be able to judge whether Falcon Pro is popular or not. It was just 3 weeks back or so, when Twitter denied access for Falcon Pro, stating that Falcon Pro has exceeded the available token limit. But fortunately, as of now, the app dev @joenrv has reset the keys and now, new users can join Falcon Pro and also download the app to your Android device.
So, what’s your conclusion? Falcon Pro is indeed awesome, right? 🙂 Falcon Pro is available on Google Play for around $2 (105.05 INR) and also, there is a donation version of Falcon Pro, here. If you love Falcon Pro, make sure to buy the app guys a beer and they’ll reward you with some extra goodies. 😉
Do let us what you’ve to say about this and give us your reviews & suggestions about this best Twitter client.