15 Best Foobar2000 Skins For Download

Foobar2000 is a magnificent music player for those who wants a light music player. The features of this player include customizable interface, ReplayGain support, gapless playback, open component architecture, ripping CDs and many more. More importantly it supports various formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG, AIFF etc. Apart from these, what make it more appealing is that you can customize the user interface in several ways. You always have the advantage to change the look and feel with downloadable skins to make it look cooler.

Virtually, you can get any function you want. Downloaded skins are .zip File. Extract the file, and move the .DLL file into Foobar2000 components folder. Now, install the skin as well as its images in the PanelsUI folder. Then reboot Foobar2000 and press Ctrl+P.

Top Free Foobar2000 Music Player Themes


FooBear Pictures


AbcissePUI Images


Metro Photos

IBIZA foobar

IBIZA foobar Picture


Elegance Image

Zetro v2.7

Zetro v2.7 Photo

Snowflake Reloaded

Pictures of Snowflake Reloaded


Images of Case

MonoLite Plus 0.4.3

Photos of MonoLite Plus 0.4.3

adecke’s foobar

Picture of adecke's foobar

Foobear Remix

Image of Foobear Remix

Hud Foobar

Photo of Hud Foobar

DarkSide of foobar2000

DarkSide of foobar2000 Pictures


Fooblock Images


FooLars Photos

Because of compatibility issues, it is recommended to keep the components up-to-date. Try not to install new skins on old Foobar version and vice versa.