Gaming: Are Phones or Tablets better for it?

Although mobile devices are certainly not created solely for gaming, there can be little question that the success of one of these devices does hinge to a large extent on whether it is good for playing games on. Gaming is big business these days, with the likes of online casino firms targeting their most popular games at mobile users. The two most widely used types of mobile devices are phones and tablets, but which of these offers the better gaming option?




Well both have the advantages and disadvantages, meaning there is no clear-cut answer to this, so it depends what you consider most important. If the size of the screen is the most important thing for you – and with games nowadays often having lots of fast moving visual information – it is for a lot of people, then a tablet will definitely be better for you. However it should be borne in mind that one of the reasons why tablets do have such big screens is the fact they are touch screen devices (thus there is no space taken up by the keypad), which is okay for games which only require you to tap the screen to work your way through them, but can be a problem for any which need more control.
This includes a lot of games because even the simpler casino games like the slots at Gaming Club generally feature bonus games that require more sophisticated play. This is a major reason why many prefer not to play casino, or other types of games, on a tablet. Furthermore the greater overall size of these devices, compared with phones, makes them more awkward and uncomfortable to carry around with you and hold for those games that require lengthier game times – for example casino table games like blackjack and poker. This is why many still choose to game on a phone, despite the smaller screens you get with these devices.