Getting Started with Windows 8 – Trouble Shoots

Microsoft has been the synonym of the operating systems (OS) for a long time now. It has launched many OS all known as windows which I think don’t require any introduction to anyone.

Most of the computers are running on windows and smartphones as well or rather I would say people only trust this OS because they know this one only.

The last launch under the windows OS by Microsoft was Windows 8 which was initially for phone but making its reputation for PCs and Laptops as well.

But, frankly speaking it is hard to understand the Windows 8 functioning initially. Here below I’m telling you some basic problem which I face while using Windows 8 which everyone else would face as he/she is Getting Started with Windows 8 and of course we’ve shared their solutions as well.

Getting Started With Windows 8 – Trouble Shoots for Beginners

#1 How to Find the Desktop Screen

When I started working on Windows 8 I was unable to find the desktop screen and that time I just got little tensed that now How I’m going to browse my stuffs saved in hard drive like movies, songs, videos, documents and other things as well.

The solution to this problem is, go to the upper left corner of your screen where you will find the option to click on the screen and by clicking on that you’ll be able to navigate to the desktop screen.

One more way I’ve for you that is clicking on the tile named desktop on the start screen of Windows 8 which will take you to the desktop screen directly.

#2 How to Close the Applications

Close the Applications

In starting it was quite annoying for me to as I was not able to find the closing option to completely close the application which I’ve opened.

I try closing the tiles by right clicking on them and then at bottom I got an option close the tile but that is not the complete solution,

To close an application completely, I’ve to go to the upper left corner of the screen where I’ll find the application slides and by right clicking on them I found only one option “close” and that’s allJ. Isn’t it easy!

#3 Sign In, Sign Out and Shut Down

Sign Out Option

Once my laptop is on I’ll get a screen on which nothing is available except battery and network status with date and time. Now how do I suppose to sign in into my account and then again singing out and shutting down my laptop?

To conquer this problem I just to click twice on the opening screen then I’ll get the option to sign in my user account and once entered I can browse all the stuff on my laptop.

Now for signing out of my account I’ve need to put my mouse cursor at the right most corner which already is showing my user accounts name, there I’ll have to click on the sign out option.

After doing that I’ll be again directed to the earlier screen and at the right bottom there is an icon on clicking which I’ll get the shut down and restart option. But, don’t forget to click twice on the first screen to get the sign in and shut down options.

 #4 Processing Speed

I strictly recommend Windows 8 only for those laptops and PCs which have at least i3 processor installed. Below that I don’t find working of Windows 8 smooth enough to use and if you do that I guaranty your laptop will be get hang in between your work.

#5 Music and Movie Player

Music Player

The sound of the music and the movie player of Windows 8 is extremely low so I was not able to hear the voice properly without the headphone.

I recommend downloading the VLC media player or KMP player to enjoy the music and movies.

#6 Auto Update of Windows 8

Windows Update

The best but worst thing about the Windows 8 is same and that is its extra smartness! Windows 8 automatically starts downloading the updates for it whenever an internet is working on computer and when I restart it all the updates began to get installed which consumes a lot of time and is quite irritating.

The solution to this is just closing the auto update option which I found in setting of my user account and to go to the settings I need to point my cursor at the upper right corner of the screen and I’ll get the option list slide on to the screen which have the settings option at the bottom.

So, I think now it will be easy to use Windows 8 with more comfort and efficiency.  So folks, after sharing certain Windows 8 troubleshoots, we hope that you’re Getting Started with Windows 8.