Google Zero Gravity and 5 Similar Google Pranks

Google Zero Gravity is gradually creating a buzz among its user base which is captivating everyone’s attention. However, very few users know that Google Zero Gravity has got 2 fraternal twins the Google Zero Gravity inversion mirror and Google Zero Gravity Underwater. Furthermore, there are a number of more such Google tricks that are such a fun to try. In this article I’m going to introduce you to these 2 Google Gravity tricks and some of the other untold interesting Google tricks.

Google Zero Gravity Tricks

Google Zero Gravity

Google zero gravity is a surprising Google trick wherein the Google home page looks all fine until we move the mouse pointer within the webpage. The moment the page identifies a mouse pointer movement, all the elements of the page, including the topmost tabs, the sign-in button, the Google logo, the search bar and the two search buttons collapse as if there was a gravitational pull all of a sudden.

Google Zero Gravity in Action

 Google Zero Gravity

Like it? Explore the below link for it.

Click here to try Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero Gravity Inversion Mirror

The next version of Google Zero Gravity is the Google Zero Gravity Inversion Mirror. This trick is similar to Google Zero Gravity. Just that all the elements on the screen seem to be inverted as in a mirror. It is fun trying to figure out the collapsed inverted words.

Google Zero Gravity Inversion Mirror in action

Google Zero gravity inversion mirror

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Google Zero Gravity Underwater

As the name suggests, Google Zero Gravity Underwater pertains to the aqua world with awesome turquoise colored theme and a variety of underwater creatures. When we tap on the screen, ripples are formed on the surface and the Google logo and search bar along with the search buttons go haywire.

Google Zero Gravity Underwater in action

 Google zero gravity underwater

Click here to try Google Zero Gravity Underwater

Other Google Tricks

Do a Barrel Roll

When this phrase in entered into Google search bar as it is, you immediately see that the search result screen rotates like a barrel once.

Do a Barrel Roll in action

 Do a barrell roll

Click here to try Do a Barell Roll

Google Pac-man Doodle

On the 30th anniversary of our ever favorite and super addictive game – Pac-man, Google presented a special Pac-man doodle that lets one play Pac-man on the Google home page itself, right above the search bar.

Google Pac-man in action

 Google pac-man

Click here to try Google Pac-man

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is yet another pleasant surprise like the Google Zero Gravity. On moving the mouse cursor on the screen, all the elements on the screen form a sphere and start to revolve around the Google logo.

Google Sphere in action

Google sphere

Click here to try Google Sphere

Google Zerg Rush

In Google Zerg Rush, the search engine results page’s results would be broken by red and yellow zeros that pop out from the corners of the screen when the phrase ‘Zerg Rush’ is search for. After all the text/links in the screen vanish, the zeros form a GG figure.

Google Zerg Rush in action

Zerg rush

Click here to try Google Zerg Rush

Hope you enjoy these Google Zero Gravity and other tricks.

Which was your favorite trick and why?