Hike Messenger Free Download for Android, iPhone, Symbian & Nokia

When it comes to Instant Messaging, there are lots of options available on the web but Hike Messenger stands from all of them. With the emergence of smartphones everywhere these days, everyone is moving to Instant Messaging now. Instant Messaging applications make it a lot more easier to have conversations with our loved ones. Gone are those days when people used to send mails just to have simple conversations. Instant Messaging, also known as, Data Messaging has completely replaced this tech world we live in.

Hike Messenger

There are numerous instant messaging services available out there. WhatsApp, Google Talk, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are some of those top used instant messaging services available on markets. WhatsApp is the king in this niche, at least for now. Proving competitive to these services, here comes Hike Messenger. A brand new service with the same idea on mind. Hike is believed to be a WhatsApp Alternative. Hike Messenger has been growing way too faster and bigger since it’s launch six months back or so. Crossing million mark in its downloads,  it becomes one of the best available WhatsApp Alternatives in the Android market. Hence, download Hike Messenger on your device right away since it is available on certain platforms like Android, iPhone, Symbian & Nokia.

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About Hike Messenger

Hike Mesenger is an Indian born startup and is brought by Kavin Bharti Mittal, son of Airtel co-founder Sunil Bharti Mittal. It was brought to us by Bharti SoftBank – an Indian Japanese collaboration company. Hike was initially made global on 12.12.12. Since then the folks at Hike have worked hard day and night and have made Hike one of those widely used instant messaging services in this world.

Hike is one of those top, fastest growing startups ever. Hike’s marketing strategies are really good compared to it’s competitive enemies. It was in the months of January and February when Hike actually went viral among the people.

Hike Messenger Features

There are numerous reasons as to why Hike is one of those best instant messaging services available out there. These are some of those top reasons why :

1) User Interface: Hike has a really cool interface. The way Hike looks is eye pleasing and just awesome! Hike is constantly being developed, just like any other app. Hike messenger lets you to easily compose messages and send them to your friends within clicks.

2) Group Chats : Hike lets you to make group chats with your friends too. Group chats is something that makes Hike the best. Well, most other instant messaging apps too provide group chats, but what Hike does is something different. Hike bridges the gap between instant messaging and SMS. You can easily make group chats with your friends, no matter even if they’re not on Hike. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Hike is a definite must for any instant messaging lover. With Hike you can stay connected with anyone, whether he is on Hike or not.

3) Rewards : Hike has a huge collection of rewards that it gives to it’s customers. Hike is always working with it’s customers with the top priority. There are numerous rewards popping up every month. You can know more about Hike rewards by staying connected with Hike on it’s official blog or it’s social networking accounts.

4) Easy SMS’s : With Hike you can easily send SMS to anyone who isn’t on Hike. It’s just like any other SMS services like Way2SMS, FullONSMS and many others. Hike gives it’s users a certain number of SMS as a monthly quota to it’s users and they can get more SMS quota by inviting more people to join Hike.

5) Status Updates : A recent addition this one is. Hike recently announced the option to make status updates. Looks like a concept from social networking, doesn’t it? Yes, Hike lets you to easily make status updates and you can share those updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

6) Awesome Collection of Emoticons : Hike also has a huge collection of emoticons to make your conversations a lot more interesting and also you can make use of these emoticons even when you’re making status updates.

Hike Messenger Rewards: Earn Free SMS and Talk-Time using Hike Messenger:

We can earn money using this Messenger and this is most wonderful feature that Hike offers which ultimately has attracted many users towards it. When you install it, you get rewards and when you refer this messenger to your friends, it will also fetch you rewards.

All you need to do is download Hike messenger for free to your device, install it & you get 10 INR right away. Hike offers an ultra cool reward, giving out 20 INR talk time to everyone who successfully invites someone to join Hike. That offer was really cool that many people started joining Hike and Hike actually did beat WhatsApp once and took the throne, taking the place of the most downloaded free app on Google Play.

Hike Messenger Availability

Hike Messenger

Hike is one of those top downloaded apps on Google Play and App Store. It was just a few days back when Hike launched a beta version for those BlackBerry users. Hike Messenger is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry too, the latest addition.

Hike Messenger – Free Download for Android, iPhone, Symbian & Nokia

After reading such noteworthy features of Hike Messenger, you would surely be seeking for the download links to grab it right away. You can download Hike Messenger from links given below based on the operating system on which your device is running.

  1. Download Hike Messenger for Android (Play Store Link) 
  2. Download Hike from Apple ITunes Store for iPhone, iOS users
  3. Hike App for Windows Pocket PC

Simply saying, Hike is a great tool. It’s a great combination of SMS and instant messaging. Hike is indeed great in terms of user interface and the job it does. It’s sure to succeed. If you love Hike, make sure to keep supporting them.