How To Tweet Longer than 140 Characters Using Tall Tweets?

As we all know, Twitter is one of those widely used social networking sites in this digital world we live in. People tweet about almost everything right from the hot technology stuff to their personal life stories. Thought Twitter has a limit of tweeting tweets with only 140 characters, there are a few tools that People can use to tweet stuff but they can’t Tweet Longer than 140 Characters.

TwitLonger is one such tool which comes to rescue. It lets the people to easily post any Tweet Longer than 140 Characters. When you publish, using that, the disadvantage is that, the tweet will contain a link that will take your tweet readers to another page, to let them read the full message. Is there any other option? Here comes Tall Tweets, a service brought by Digital Inspiration.

Tall Tweets is perfectly simple to use. The major objective of this tool is to let people send 140 characters, and that too without much difficulty. The site is elegant and easy to use. You can just head to that website and login using your Twitter credentials (you need not worry. The site uses OAuth configuration and hence your Twitter login credentials aren’t stored in the site) to post the long tweet.

How To Tweet Longer than 140 Characters Using Tall Tweets?


1) First go to Tall Tweets.

2) Click the “Sign in with Twitter” button to login into the site using your Twitter login credentials.

Post 140+ Characters Tweets using Tall Tweets

3) Once logged in, you’ll notice that there is a big text box over there to type in your big tweet. 4) Type your long tweet. You can type as much as you want. There is no limit. 5) Once typed, you’ll notice the number of characters and it’s equivalent number of tweets that is to be sent. You can see the image below to get a better idea of what I’m saying.

Post 140+ Characters Tweets using Tall Tweets

6) As you can see, you have two options of sending the tweet. You can either choose to send the long tweet as a single image tweet or you can choose to send that long tweet as multiple tweets. That’s it, the tweet will be sent when you choose the necessary option.

Did you know that Tall Tweets numbers your multiple tweets that are sent so that it’s easy for your readers to read the big message, with comfort. And let us all thank Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration for this awesome tool. Thank You, Sir!And if you loved reading this post, please make sure to share this with your friends too.

Hope you tried Tall Tweet to Tweet Longer than 140 Characters. Let us know what you think about it? Drop your views in the comment section below.