iSpendSmart App Review – Save Money, The Smart Way

Are you looking for a solution to track your expenses? Would you like to know about where your each & every penny gets spent? Thus, with the advancements in technology, iSpendSmart application will function as your money saving companion.

Spend Smart

iSpendSmart Android app Review

iSpendSmart is an easy to use tool to use when you’re  shopping, and it helps in managing your expenses within the family budget.

If sources are to be believed, your will add an extra 5% into your Savings after using this application.

With mobile device available in your pocket for 24 hours,  iSpendSmart provides you each & every shopping & spending information right on your fingertips and thus makes your task easy to balance your finances.

Accessing  iSpendSmart is very easy. All you need to do is, sign up at iSpendSmart by entering certain details like your name, email & profession, and you will be provided access via mail and then you can install it over your Android phone.

With its user friendly interface, its too fascinating to use this app.

You can do three things with this app-

  • Create Shopping lists
  • Set a budget
  • Track your purchases and inform you when you go under debt

You can also go social with this app since you can tie up with any money saving communities and share your wish lists with people.

And in the nutshell, I’d like to share my conclusion with all readers about this app. In today’s date, keeping a track of expenses is must and such apps come to rescue. If you are looking to save something from your budget, then this app might help you too. Try it and share your feedback with us.