iWatch – First Revolutionary Smartwatch for iPhones

Since two years it’s all smartphones and tablets everywhere but now people seems to be getting common with both. Now what to be there next?

In the CES 2013, Pebble smartwatch was announced that is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It’s a smartwatch that have lots of apps included within but weighs very light and stays alive for about 7 days.

Although the Pebble smartwatch look good but I don’t think all the iPhone users will switch to it as it doesn’t have their favorite Apple logo.

iwatch rumors

iWatch Rumors

This is the reason why rumors are going on that Apple is into the production of a smartwatch that will run on iOS and will be compatible with the iPhones.

These are the major rumors going on and I must say most of them will be there in the smartwatch from Apple.

  1. It will be known by iWatch. The tradition of adding “i” will be continued with the smartwatch as well.
  2. It will have an ARM chipset and operate on iOS. Apple will develop a special version of the iOS for the iWatch.
  3. It will be having options to install apps and the apps can be controlled using the iPhone.
  4. The iWatch and iPhone will be connected with the Bluetooth so the connectivity range will be up to 10m.
  5. iWatch will vibrate and provide notifications for calls or text or emails and for alarms.
  6. The little OLED display will be there having multi touch feature.
  7. iWatch will allow accessing text, emails, answer calls and it will allow you to keep record of distances and calories while running or walking.
  8. It will have iCloud integration so that all your data is sync with all your Apple devices. Apple may do it via Bluetooth as well.
  9. iWatch will be provided with a good battery so that it lasts for longer.

Now I know you’re also thinking that all these features should be there in the iWatch so that we can call it a real smartwatch.

Need of iWatch

Apple iWatch - Next Revolutionary Product from Apple

Apple iWatch – Next Revolutionary Product from Apple

In the era of smartphones and tablets why we need our traditional watches to be replaced by the smartwatches?

This was the question came into my mind and I started thinking on it. As per my smartphone uses are concerned, sometimes I need answering calls without picking my smartphone. This is what we do till now with headset.

When this thing came into my mind, I started feeling need of having the iWatch.

  1. I can answer calls, make calls without taking my iPhone out of my pocket.
  2. I can read text and other app’s information directly on my wrist without looking at my iPhone.

These two things are enough for me to buy the iWatch.

The best thing of having iWatch is that I’ll be wearing at least a watch again to see the time instead of taking my iPhone out of my pocket to see the time.

Apple’s Point of View

As per Apple is concerned, having an iWatch in the lineup will be a good thing for their customers and for them as well.

iWatch will generate lots of income for the Apple and surely boost the market shares.

iWatch Launch

I hope Apple will introduce the first iWatch in the Q3 or Q4 this year. Sony has already launched the smartwatch for its Xperia smartphones and the Pebble one is compatible with both android and iOS devices.

So hopefully, Apple will soon provide the iWatch for their iPhone customers packed in the wrist band.