New Myspace Launched With Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie Ft. JAY Z

The New Myspace launched yesterday by Justin Timberlake,who is promoting his latest song Suit & Tie ft. JAY Z on the New Myspace. Its new layout, streaming music player with radio station are its main new features. This new Myspace has lot more to do rather than just connecting with friends (social networking). I signed up recently today at new Myspace via Facebook, and find it amazing.


new myspace


Justin Timberlake, who owns stakes in the company, had tweeted a link to a video showing a redesigned Myspace Look, named as New Myspace in September, 2012. Now this revamped social network is live for everyone. In Streaming music player features, users can queue songs, create mixes or playlists, or start a radio station of his/her favorite artists. The overall look of the New Myspace is a sideways scroll style or you can say horizontal navigation where users scroll left to right rather than up and down.

The New Myspace focus mainly on Music. Music is Energy, which connects people from everywhere. You can create profiles using your Facebook or Twitter account. Myspace was the most popular social network before Facebook.

New Myspace delivers free unlimited music (as claimed by New myspace), it will surely help us to connect to the latest music from various artists. It also have an option for those who create music, to showcase their talents across the globe.

Check out all new revamped social network and experience something really fresh- The New Myspace