Best Rainmeter Skins For Download

Rainmeter, which can totally change the appearance of your desktop, is a customization program for Windows. The primary purpose of this program is to run skins that come in various styles, sizes, user interfaces and levels of complexity with sometimes-interactive window, which appears over the desktop normally, collects and displays information such as RSS feeds, weather forecasts, battery power, control media player and applications etc.; like widgets on an Android run device.

Every Rainmeter skins come with auto installer. Some recommend using installer to install Rainmeter skins.

How to install Rainmeter skins

  1. Download a Rainmeter skin on the desktop.
  2. If it is an archived file, extract it.
  3. Select desktop as the craved extraction location.
  4. Meld all the extracted files in a single folder on your desktop.
  5. Then, drag the folder from desktop to ‘Skins’ folder in the folder where Rainmeter is installed.
  6. Start Rainmeter and the skins are available in Configs list.

Top Rainmeter Skins For Windows

Circular Upgrade

Circular Upgrade Pictures

Doc,s Click Skin Pack

Doc,s Click Skin Pack Images

Brain Interactive Construct

Brain Interactive Construct Photos

Blue Dream

Pictures of Blue Dream

Android Jelly Bean for Rainmeter

Images of Android Jelly Bean for Rainmeter


Photos of Serenity

Outdoor Living

Picture of Outdoor Living


Image of Elle

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Photo

Rain Lock

Picture of Rain Lock


Image of Flatts

Assassins Creed Desktop

Image of Assassins Creed Desktop


Photo of Demesne

Eker Lina Rainmeter

Eker Lina Rainmeter Image

Vortex Rainmeter Skin

Vortex Rainmeter Skin Photo

xClock Rainmeter Skin

Pictures of xClock Rainmeter Skin

Anime Hatsune Miku X Kasane Teto

Images of Anime Hatsune Miku X Kasane Teto

Latest Raimeter Desktop Skin for Windows 7

Photos of Latest Raimeter Desktop Skin for Windows 7

End Of The World Rainmeter Skin

End Of The World Rainmeter Skin Pics

PNG Suit Rainmeter Skin

PNG Suit Rainmeter Skin Photo

Rainmeter offers a basic user interface for handling your library of skins.