Shazam for PC – Download Shazam for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP

So you are a music buff wanting to download Shazam for PC?

Welcome to the club!

I too find it handy to have Shazam for PC active all the time. Though one can have Shazam installed on Andriod, iOS, and windows phone; having Shazam on PC is altogether a different experience.

shazam for PC

Why download Shazam for PC?

Shazam for PC is usually for people like me who are stuck their PC for long hours of the day rather than hanging around with a handheld smartphone. Many a times we have some soundtracks in ourPC with file names like ‘Track 08’ and no track specific information at all. We may want to know further details about the song, be it – the track name, the playback singer, the music composer, the album name, more tracks from the album, watch the track’s video, purchase it, and other such.

This exactly is where Shazam for PC comes to rescue. We can know all the aforementioned information plus much more through Shazam.

Steps to Download Shazam for PC-

  • If you are using a Windows 8 PC, you can directly download and install Shazam for PC from the Windows store.
  • Else you’ll have to follow the below steps to get shazam on your PC.
  • Download and install BlueStacks from here. BlueStacks in a free Andriod emulator. It allows one to have access to Android apps on a PC. Since Shazam is available for Android, we’ll use BlueStacks to use it on PC like we use other Andriod apps on PC.
  • Once installed, open BlueStacks and click the ‘App search’ option.
  • Then search for ‘Shazam’, and install Shazam upon finding it.’

Shazam for pc

You’re done installing Shazam on your PC. It can be found under ‘My Apps’ tab in BlueStack.

Shazam for pc

How to use Shazam on PC?

Using Shazam on PC is pretty much similar to using Shazam on various other devices. Shazam would work using Bluestacks only on PC.

Click on the logo that is at the center of the screen and play the song close to the mic of the PC. Shazam would identify the song and return results pertaining to the tune such as track name, album it belongs to, recording company, singer, and so on.

How to uninstall Shazam for PC?

  • Open BlueStacks and click on settings icon.


Uninstall Shazam for pc

  • Within settings, click ‘manage applications’.

uninstall Shazam for pc

  • In the pop up that appears, hit the trash icon against Shazam.

Shazam is now uninstalled.

I presume that you’d never want to uninstall Shazam from your PC. It is a great asset for music lovers. However, I’ve shown you the process of uninstalling Shazam from PC because BlueStacks consumes lots of RAM and hence gets frozen at times. At such instances you may want to uninstall certain apps to lighten it up and run it smoothly. The same uninstallation procedure can be used to uninstall any app from BlueStacks.

Signing off for now hoping that this quick tutorial helps you get your favorite Shazam for PC. Do let me know via comments if this worked for you.