What is Toaster.exe?

Toaster.exe is Windows file generated by AOL messenger to freely connect and communicate with Windows audio platform. The old version of Winamp had this file process running to play online audio from AOL website.

TOASTER.EXE is also a registered process from DELL systems. This is a part of the DELL DataSafe Local Backup. If you are getting error message related to this process you can remove it from Control Panel.

toaster.exe process

So, if you want to make sure about the owner of this file you better take a look at the properties tab.

Select file — > Right click it and select Properties — > Select Details Tab — > Read Info

If the process is related to AOL/Winamp

If the description in the property tab specifies this file to be a part of AOL or Winamp you should follow this part.


You can find this file under the following address location –

C:\Program Files\wanadoo\TOASTER.EXE

Is this a Virus?

No, TOASTER.EXE is not a virus but there are many reports about this process being forged by malware and worms. If you locate this file in any other directory (Most commonly System32 or Root directory) other than the one mentioned above, it can definitely be one.

How to Remove TOASTER.EXE?

Since it is not a system file, you can easily remove this file directly. But doing so might hamper the AOL connectivity. If you do not use AOL services, you can sure remove this file from the existing directory. Just follow these simple steps in sequential manner –

  1. Press the Start button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Find and Select Add or Remove programs
  4. From the list Find AOL messenger
  5. Right click the program and Select Uninstall
  6. Wait for a few sec for process to complete
  7. Now close all windows
  8. Open My computer
  9. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\wanadoo\”
  10. Single click the file
  11. Now press SHIFT + del button
  12. Select Yes when prompted for delete confirmation
  13. Restart your computer to remove temporary instances

If the process is related to Dell Systems

You can directly remove this file without having to worry about anything or any other dependant programs. This is a standalone process and you can remove this process by getting rid of Dell DataSafe Local Backup or Navigateur Orange program from your system.

Remove TOASTER.EXE (Dell)

Simply terminate the process and remove it from Control Panel.

  1. Open task manager
  2. Find this process and right click it
  3. Select End process tree
  4. Now open Control Panel
  5. Select Add or remove programs
  6. Find DataSafe Local Backup or Navigateur Orange
  7. Right click it and select Uninstall
  8. Now Restart your computer

This should immediately remove the process as well as the complete program from your system. If you ever need this program back you can download it again from Dell Store.

If you are still fighting this process and getting weird error messages you can refer them up in our comment section. We will be more than happy to help you out.