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Web browsing is turning out to be really entertaining and demanding these days. There are numerous web browsers available both for computers / laptops and the mobile devices. The emergence of Web browsers for tablets too has created a revolution in this digital world we live in. Getting on to the topic, UC Browser for mobile devices is one of those widely used mobile web browsers. And now, UC browser for PC  is available too. UC browser is one of those simplest mobile browsers available, but provides a wide range of options for the users. The UC browser has been available for almost all the mobile devices like Java, iOS, Android, and Symbian too. But there wasn’t a UC browser meant for computer OS like Windows and Mac. But now, UC browser for PC is available and provides an user interface much similar to that of the mobile version of the UC browser.

UC Browser for PC

UC Browser for PC

It was just a matter of time when UC browser had been download well over there million times on the mobile devices. The emergence of UC browser for Computer is set to revolutionize UC Web much more.

Why UC Browser PC Version is Popular?

There are numerous reasons as to why UC browser is popular among its fans. Here are some of those notable reasons – 1) UC browser is available for free. 2) This Web browser is lightening fast and loads almost all the websites really quick. 3) UC browser compresses web pages a lot, thus saving your data consumption and thus reducing your monthly data charges. 4) Supports flash and provides a really easy to use GUI. And there are numerous other reasons too as to why this browser is popular among the user. If you want to discover the magic of this browser, and unfortunately don’t have a mobile device, you better download UC Browser for PC and check out something really awesome.

Exciting Features of UC Browser for PC

  • Loads fast and easy.
  • Compresses data a lot, up to 90%, thus saving your bucks.
  • Provides a really great download manager, you can pause and resume your downloads anytime.
  • Supports multiple tabs like any other modern browser.
  • And a lot more customization settings.

FAQ – UC Browser for PC

Do I need any special tools to fun UC browser for PC?

No. Just run the downloaded file.

Additionally, it’s recommended to place the app in a folder as you would initiate the app, the app would create system files in the folder by itself.

Please wait for few moments when you open the application for the very first time as for the first time, app will take some time to load.

UC Browser For PC : Free Download

There are two ways to download UC browser for PC. The first one is simple and can be done within seconds. The second one is a little complicated, but not too hard. A little help from thus article is sure to get you running UC browser for PC very soon.

1) Simple Method

The first method is really simple. You is have to grab the download file and run it. It doesn’t require any installation or such stuff. As you might notice the download file is a ZIP file and you just need to extract it and you will find an exe file with a logo of UC browser and then run that exe file by double clicking and you’re done since exe files are meant to run immediately. Free Download UC Browser for PC 

2) A bit complicated

This method is a little complicated as said earlier. But I promise you that it’ll be really easy and not much technical brain is required for this.

  1. First download & Install JRE (JAVA). Then you have to install the Kemulator for running Java apps and you can download the Kemulator here.
  2. And then, you need to get the UC browser 8.0 Java app. Install the Kemulator and then run the downloaded Java app on your computer and then just locate the UC Browser Java application on your computer and use it right away.
  3. You’ll now be running the UC browser just like you do on your mobile phone.

Drawback of UC Browser PC Version

Being a Chinese product, all the text for UC browser for PC is in Chinese too. But upon time, you’ll get used to the symbols and you can easily use the Web browser for your daily browsing tasks. As said earlier, this UC browser for PC provides an interface similar to that of the UC browser for mobile. There is no dedicated user interface meant just for the computer users. I guess such an user interface is current in its development stages.

UC Browser for PC – Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? UC browser for PC is really popular and easy to use. It loads web pages within the blink of your eyes and doesn’t consume much data too. Do download UC browser for PC very soon and enjoy it’s power on your computer too.