Download Best Winamp Skins For Free

Winamp, which is one of the most popular media players, supports extensive skins since the release of version 2. Skins are bitmap files that change the default design of the graphical user interface making it look cooler and more appealing. Modern Winamp skins carry a docked toolbar, scripting control, as well as several new features.

How to install Winamp Skins

It is always recommended to download Winamp skins from a trustable source. Downloaded skins are a .zip File that has to be unzipped to a temporary folder, inside which there is .wsz File (classic skin) as well as a .wal Folder or file with several new skins.

Select a file you want to install, double click it and click ‘Yes’. The installed file is then copied to C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\ folder.

To use the newly installed skins, start Winamp – click on the Options menu to select Skins and select one style. If there is no Options menu, simply right click on a blank spot on the player window, select Skins from the pop-up menu and select the skin you wish to apply.

Best Winamp Player Skins/Themes

GAIA Winamp Modern

GAIA Winamp Modern Picture

RatchetsGame v5

RatchetsGame v5 Image


Spirit Photo

Dynamic 1.1

Dynamic 1.1 Pictures

BMW Club Belarus

BMW Club Belarus Images

Multipass 1.4

Multipass 1.4 Photos


Pictures of Anunaki


Images of Reflexion

Radiance 2

Images of Radiance 2

Windows Live Winamp

Windows Live Winamp Picture

TNA Winamp 3 Skin

TNA Winamp 3 Skin Image


D-Reliction Photo

Play for Winamp

Play for Winamp Pictures

G7 v1.1 for Winamp

G7 v1.1 for Winamp Images


Blakk Photos

By the year 2000, there were around 3000 skins available for Winamp thanks to its users and it is still backed by its community members. This idea was later followed by a whole lot of other players.